Custom responsive websites
Simple. Quick. Elegant.

Nowadays every company needs a website, because it's the most important marketing-tool in this digital age. A website serves as an online business card, showcase and more. Become a dominant presence on the Internet, anywhere in the world, and especially in Switzerland!

- Responsive Websites - Mobile & desktop
- Simple content management (CMS)
- Search engine optimisation (SEO, Google)
- Custom programming solutions

What is
responsive design?

Your website needs to be accessible on any device! The base of the website that is programmed for mobile devices first will then be adapted responsively from screen to screen, from smartphone to laptop, from laptop to desktop - you name it! 

Easy & Simple
Content Management

With Ladumas super simple content management system you can edit your website's content at any time, anywhere. We especially value the simplicity of the administration panel's design, so you can start editing your content as easily possible. A lot of costs can be saved when content management is done in-house!

Search Engine

If your company or industry is searched on Google, you need to be first on the list! The top 3 results get around 66% of the traffic, which converts to revenue eventually! Laduma optimizes your content structure and website in such that way that this becomes reality.

Location: Worldwide
Especially Luzern & Zürich

Laduma ist located in Luzern and Zürich, Switzerland, but will work with anyone worldwide, if the chemistry is right! We appreciate working with locals but are still motivated to take on projects outside of Zürich and Luzern.